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Victoria Park is located at Suffrage Street, Smethwick, UK. It provides information about the address, phone number, location, and reviews from previous visitors: Victoria Park, Suffrage Street, Smethwick, UK

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Rating: 4.2 ★★★

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Place Types: United Kingdom

Address: 35 Suffrage St, Smethwick B66 3QB, United Kingdom

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Located in Suffrage Street, Smethwick, UK, the Victoria Park has received high ratings on various online platforms, based on honest feedback from real visitors, ensuring its reliability as a tourist spot.

The Victoria Park prides itself on delivering an exceptional experience for its visitors, as indicated by the numerous positive ratings from satisfied patrons. Nonetheless, they welcome any feedback or opinions, which can be shared through a form on the website.


Check out some great reviews of the Victoria Park in United Kingdom, located at Suffrage Street, Smethwick, UK from happy guests who have stayed there. Take a look at these reviews for more information.

Christine Pinney
5/5 5 months ago
A lovely park in Autumn , though the pool used to have a sign saying not to feed wildlife , i couldn’t see any such sign by the pool . Coots , Swan’s , Canada geese , gulls , a squirrel and many Rats competed in a frenzy , speedily consumed lots of roti bread that a man threw over railings . It did make for an entertaining 15 minutes but the Rat population will rise with these feedings
R Kumari
5/5 a year ago
This is a beautiful park which you would never expect and in the heart of Smethwick; and on a beautiful sunny day – it is a lovely way to spend a few hours. Whether you choose to walk around the whole of the well-kept and calming grounds, or sit down and have a picnic somewhere with plenty of beautiful spots to choose from and benches, or feed the ducks in the lake, you can easily visit Victoria park just to go for a walk in beautiful, calming surroundings to clear your head and enjoy being outside and I garuntee it will improve your mood! In addition to this, I was impressed with the fact that there is also a basketball court, a tennis court, a small cricket area, a whole mini gym area and play area for children so you can keep them busy too. Just be mindful for the sports you would need to bring your own equipment (balls and rackets etc). You can park inside the park for free, however parking is very limited, I only noticed around 6 spaces. There is a council building next to Victoria park which also has a car park. There is free street parking and apparently an Asda nearby that has free parking for 3 hours. Not sure if there are toilets but as you enter the park there was an Exhibition center which was closed when I went, which may have public toilets but this would need to be confirmed. Very impressed with the park overall, they have utilised the space well and maintained the park beautifully, catering to all age groups. Staff have also said they will soon be having a reopening concert in the near future. Definitely worth a visit on a nice dry day, as it is free and you can create your own fun. Be imaginative!
5/5 7 months ago
  1. Still as pleasant to have a walk round with plenty of benches to sit on and watch the world go by or watch the many, many squirrels that live in the park. They are incredibly nosy and will get very close to you expecting some food. I nearly always forget to carry some in my bag for them.
    Unfortunately the good weather and food being left in the picnic areas has seen a increase in rats, which I am terrified of, so walking in certain parts I have to be aware of them.
    There is a excellent children’s playground at the High Street entrance of the park, by the small car park and lodge, which has been converted into a interesting local history museum. On street parking is available the other side of the park and also a small lay by outside the park gates on the High Street.
    There is a good local bus service with the 87 and 89 buses stopping directly outside the park and the 80 stopping not far from the other side of the park.
    It’s great for dog walkers as you can take your time and walk round the paths, or when matches are not being played, exercise your dog on the pitches. There is also a lot of outdoor gym equipment scattered throughout the park and a area also set up for exercise that is extremely well used.
    The park is a great asset to the community and events are held there throughout the year, but it’s really just nice to sit and relax in a busy town.
    Bolly (of course) loves it!

Nina Smith
5/5 2 years ago
It’s quite a wide open space with lots of lovely trees. Squirrels frequent there quite often and the flowers are beautiful. Could be good for a picnic when the world returns to normal or even just a destination for a daily walk. It’s also a lovely spot for photography whether it be nature pictures you want or of yourself/others
Lubban Sabz
5/5 3 years ago
I love this place because it’s my back garden… It has everything I need for me and my children, tennis courts, basketball courts, gym apparatus, cricket pitch, football pitch, a lake, benches…it has festivals a band stand, traveling fair and organised activities. Theirs a hire function room, a church , little league a museum with pretty flowers and big beautiful trees. A ice cream van that sits on park any weather. Theres beautiful wild life… Squreals that will eat nuts from your hands…I love this area and location and I’m happy to live on this park. My boys will have a wonderful childhood.

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