Pont National, Pont National, Paris, France [Review]

Pont National is located at Pont National, Paris, France. It provides information about the address, phone number, location, and reviews from previous visitors: Pont National, Pont National, Paris, France

Pont National, Pont National, Paris, France

Rating: 4.7 ★★★★

6 reviews on Google

Place Types: France

Address: 2U Pont National, 75013 Paris, France

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Located in Pont National, Paris, France, the Pont National has received high ratings on various online platforms, based on honest feedback from real visitors, ensuring its reliability as a tourist spot.

The Pont National prides itself on delivering an exceptional experience for its visitors, as indicated by the numerous positive ratings from satisfied patrons. Nonetheless, they welcome any feedback or opinions, which can be shared through a form on the website.


Check out some great reviews of the Pont National in France, located at Pont National, Paris, France from happy guests who have stayed there. Take a look at these reviews for more information.

Fennec Elisabeth
il y a un an
Pont National…il faut bien effacer l’histoire de ce pont. Le magnifique N gravé dans la pierre blanche rappelle peut-être trop ses initiateurs : le baron Haussmann et l’empereur Napoléon III. Ainsi va l’histoire et le politiquement correct. À visiter de jour comme de nuit Belles promenades le long des quais et ne boudez pas le plaisir des étals des bouquinistes
Micky Naing Maungyin Ngatay


il y a 2 ans
Pont Napoléon-III Construit en 1852-1853
(Rebaptisé Pont National en 1870)
pascale ducasse
il y a 9 mois
les bords de,Seine, c’est magique ! Ici la Conciergerie

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Take a look at some wonderful reviews from happy guests who stayed at Pont National, Pont National, Paris, France. You can find out more about the hotel by checking it out on Google Maps.


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