Moonlit Park, Mosedale Way, Birmingham, UK [Review]

Moonlit Park is located at Mosedale Way, Birmingham, UK. It provides information about the address, phone number, location, and reviews from previous visitors: Moonlit Park, Mosedale Way, Birmingham, UK

Moonlit Park, Mosedale Way, Birmingham, UK (Image: Google maps)

Rating: 4.4 ★★

465 reviews on Google

Place Types: United Kingdom

Address: 40 Mosedale Way, Birmingham B15 2BL, United Kingdom

A grassy area well-liked for its playground equipment that can be climbed on, along with fields of flowers and a court for playing basketball.

Website: https://www.birmingham.

Opening Hours: Waiting for Update!

Phone number: +448448717627

Located in Mosedale Way, Birmingham, UK, the Moonlit Park has received high ratings on various online platforms, based on honest feedback from real visitors, ensuring its reliability as a tourist spot.

The Moonlit Park prides itself on delivering an exceptional experience for its visitors, as indicated by the numerous positive ratings from satisfied patrons. Nonetheless, they welcome any feedback or opinions, which can be shared through a form on the website.


Check out some great reviews of the Moonlit Park in United Kingdom, located at Mosedale Way, Birmingham, UK from happy guests who have stayed there. Take a look at these reviews for more information.

Ammar Ahmad
5/5 3 weeks ago
A very nice and relaxing place for children of any age family and individuals
Ammara Yousaf
5/5 2 weeks ago
It’s a great playground for kids of all ages and walking/jogging area for adults. Especially like the colorful area for toddlers. It’s a safe space for social and physical development of the kids.
Saddam Hossain
5/5 2 years ago

Moonlit Park was once a beautiful amusement park where people came to enjoy rides and have a merry time. The owner of the park by the name of a man named Freddy used to enjoy the attention his park attracted. One day though Freddy made a deal with a supernatural entity in order to increase the amount of visitors his park got so he could become even richer. The entity warned Freddy though he had to give him something in exchange or he would curse him. Freddy agreed but was greedy by nature so never paid him back. The entity as a result cursed Freddy’s park causing everyone to disappear. Ever since then the park has remained abandoned and rumors of demonic spirits and clowns have haunted the park ever since.

Notable Locations

Large ‘Hullabaloo’ Circus Tent

One of the spawn locations for survivors. An open area with seldom pallets, and a dangerous spot to kite in. One of the ciphers may be located here (one will always be located here in Duo Hunters), and there is a chance that the basement will spawn here.

‘Thrillviol’ Funhouse

Another spawn location for both hunters and survivors. It is a two-story building, with two curved staircases leading to the second floor balcony with a vaultable window. A locker will always be located in the middle of the building, there are two pallets, and a cipher can spawn in the center.


There are two carousels; one working, and one broken. The working carousel can be interacted with and ridden, but being hit while riding a carousel will result in a terror shock. Hunters cannot ride carousels.


Slides that can be interacted with. Terror Shock will be received if a survivor is hit while interacting. All characters can use slides and have a different sliding animation.


Roller Coaster

There are four roller coaster stops; 2 stops at exit gates and 2 stops in between the map. These can be used to get away from hunters or chase survivors, but being hit while interacting with a roller coaster would result in a terror shock. Roller coasters are survivor spawn points in Duo Hunters.

Both Hunters and Survivors can ride in any of the seats of the coaster. There are 5 seats available.

Only the front seat controls the movement of the coaster.

Players can enter the rollercoaster while it is moving, but only from the stations.

Exit Gates

Both exit gates are by the final rollercoaster stops at opposite corners of the map.

Lorik Dedja
5/5 a month ago
Best place to spend time with kids. Kids can play and you will have some free time for yourself.
shalini singh
5/5 4 month ago
Nice and clean park, with lots of kids activities. This is the park for so many nearby society. So I go there with kids although it’s not in my society.

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Take a look at some wonderful reviews from happy guests who stayed at Moonlit Park, Mosedale Way, Birmingham, UK. You can find out more about the hotel by checking it out on Google Maps.


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